Seasonal Subscription BOXES

Amaze-in Pottery & Crafts Creativity Box 🎨

(Bi-Monthly Subscription)


Every 2 months we will deliver to your home a new Pottery & Crafts Box filled with seasonal crafts like: pottery projects, canvas art and other cool crafts like wooden board, mini gardening sets, mosaic and more.



Isn’t it just a perfect subscription box for parents  who are looking for ways to keep their children engaged in their own creativity and imagination? 



🎈🛍 🎁 🛍 🎈


A subscription also means gifts for the people in your life will be taken care of ahead of time without you having to think about it.

1 Season Subscription

$54.90 +tax

2 Seasons Subscription

$98.90 + tax

3 Seasons Subscription

$141.90 + TAX

Our Summer Subscription Box

Order by the 25th

Yes, you can customize it!

Do you need to Supersize It?

Double …or triple one or more of the projects in your box!

Want to experiment with more colors?

Add an extra 🎨 Color Palette or some Glitter to your box.

Add an extra Brush Set

Having more painters or simply want more brushes?

Add a mini ceramic add on for extra fun

Mini shapes can be made to magnets or glued to any craft project that you already have in your BOX.

How does it work?


It is EASY like 1, 2,3 …


Order your box, or 2, or 3 online.


The more you order the less you pay!



Your first box comes with our EXTRA STARTER KIT (an apron and professional paint pallet). Each box will include new, season-oriented projects with instructions and new paints and brushes.

You can upgrade your boxes with extra ceramic add-ons, brushes and paints!

Wait a minute, if it is bi-monthly subscription, can we get 6 boxes a year?

Yes! We have so many cool project ideas, that we couldn’t help to add some seasons😀

Timeline of orders:

To get the next season box you have to order it by 25th of the previous month. The box will be delivered to your house within first week of the the following month.

Upcoming Boxes:


1. “Sweet Summer on the Beach🍦 🍉 “ (July-August) Great for SUMMER CAMP at HOME!

Order by June 25th. Delivery time: between June 1st -June 7th.


2. “Harvest and Halloween” (September-October)

Order by Aug 25th. Delivery time: between August 1st – August 7th.


3. “Thanksgiving and Holiday Gifts” (November-December)

(Christmas and Hanukkah Decorations available by request)

Order by Oct 25th. Delivery time: between October 1st – October 7th.


4. “Winter Wonderland☃️❄️” (January-February)

Order by December 25th. Delivery time: between December 1st – December 7th.


5. “Let’s Look for Spring🌷🌿” (March -April)

Order by February 25th. Delivery time: between February 1st – February 3rd. It will arrive before EASTER!

6.“Fun in the Garden🍀” (April-May )

Order by March 28nth. Delivery time:  between May 1st -April 7th.

A great Mother’s Day GIFT! 🐣✡️🎁

It’s more than crafts…


With the decreased art programs in public schools, it is so important to keep our children engaged in activities like arts and crafts that focus on increasing their eye-hand coordination, which takes substantial role in full brain development.

We design our box carefully, taking under consideration the benefits of working  with 3d surfaces (pottery pieces), various textures (ceramics, wood, canvas and more), as well as engaging kids in activities like planting and gardening.