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STUCK HOME? What’s a better way to relax and keep kids and yourself busy? We’ll pack up the project of choice along with instructions and supplies so you can do art on your own terms. Delivery 🚗 available for FREE with an order of $50! Pick-up and drop-off are available during studio hours.

IMPORTANT: If you are ordering pottery and planning on picking it up at the studio allow us a minimum of 4 hours to get your order ready. If you need it earlier, please give us a call. In case you have a problem at check-out, please refresh the page.

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We offer a choice of 3 paint finishes

1. Glazed Creations


our traditional non-toxic underglaze colors, which after being kiln-fired make the pottery glossy, food-safe and waterproof. For fun effects we added some sprinkle and glitter underglaze choices to our collection.

2. Make-it & Take-it


high quality, professional silky colors that are best for decorative pottery, like figurines. Since the paints don’t need to be fired, they make a great option for parents who choose not to leave the house and bring the pottery for firing.

3. Stoneware/Crystal Glazes


natural and earthy looking colors, inspired by nature, give you multi-tone effects and high gloss shine. These glazes are the added touches that make your pieces extra unique!For fun effects we added some glitter glaze choices to our collection.