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FAQ for Subscription box

    Does this pottery need to be fired in a kiln?

    No!  Our kits are made to be fun, diy, at-home paint projects.  No kiln required!  All of our kits come with 8 pots of acrylic paints, paint brushes, glossy sealer and a foam brush applicator for the glossy sealer.  Just paint your pottery with the awesome colors provided, let it dry, and apply the glossy sealer. Then, voila! Your masterpiece is ready for display or play (we have a lot of painted unicorn and dinosaur play sessions around here)!

    Can I choose my own colors?

    Absolutely! Each kit comes with (1) eight color paint palette, including white and black and 6 other fun colors.  You have the choice to select a palette that our team has put together (based on what we think will work well), or you can choose any 6 colors that you want! Want to make a pink and green robot? Go for it! The possibilities are endless 🙂  We also offer an extra palette as an add-on.  This way if you are sharing a kit or if your kiddo loves using lots of paint, you will have what you need!

    What is a Tag-Along?

    Tag-alongs are AWESOME. They are small, magnet-sized pieces of pottery (and, yes, you can actually make them into a magnet with the help of a hot glue gun :). Tag-alongs are hugely popular and are equally as fun to paint as the large piece of pottery that comes in the kit. There is more than enough paint in the kit to paint all the pieces that come in the kit and any other Tag-alongs you add to your cart (and probably a small canvas too)!

    Is your pottery food-safe?

    All of the mugs, bowls, ice cream cups that come glazed & fired are food safe in the interior and on the rim (lip line-when applicable).  The entire interior and rim (lip line-when applicable) have been hand-glazed by us with a food safe glaze and fired in our kiln.  We hand glaze them so that we can control how much of the design is covered by our glaze. We want the perfect balance of “safe to drink from” and “fun to paint”!  Anywhere there is “bare bisque”, or unglazed pottery, is able to be painted with the acrylic paint included in our kits, then sealed with the glossy sealer.  The glossy sealer is a glue and is not food safe.  Please make sure you drink only from the glazed portion of the mug.  After being painted and sealed, we recommend hand washing only for our mugs.

    All pottery that comes unglazed and unfired (bare bisque) will NOT be food-safe after painting.  The glossy sealer included in our kits is a form of a glue and is not food safe.  These pieces are for decoration only.

    What are the pin-holes on the underside of the pottery?

    Occasionally, we offer pieces of pottery that require the use of stilts in the kiln.  One example of this is the spoon we offer in our summer kit.  When something is glazed on the bottom, there must be something separating the pottery piece from the kiln shelf, otherwise it will melt to the kiln shelf and become a part of the shelf.  In order to remove it, it would be broken and the kiln shelf would require repair.  In order to prevent damage to both the pieces of pottery and the kiln shelves, we use stilts.  Stilts are small ceramic based pieces with embedded wires.  The glazed pottery is placed on the wire prongs.  The stilt suspends glazed ware on the wire points to separate the piece from the kiln shelf.  The pinholes that remain are a result of the wire points.  We carefully sand each stilt mark with a stilt stone before shipping.  These stilt marks are just a part of the ceramic process and are to be embraced!

    Can we choose our Tag-alongs?

    Yes and No. The ones that come in the kit are chosen by us. However, you can choose to add a few Tag-alongs to your kit if you want to!

    Why would I upgrade brushes or sealer?

    Included in our kit is a very cost effective solution that will meet your needs. However, we wanted to make it possible to add a couple of things to the kit that would just add to the awesomeness. **The sealer upgrade option is there simply because we love the product! Is it necessary? No, not at all. The brush-on works great (we use it all the time)! We just love spray-on sealer and wanted to make it available. **The  spray sealer is currently unavailable but will hopefully be back in stock soon!

    Can I get two big figurines in one kit?

    Not yet! But, we are working hard to offer many more kits with many more options. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to get the fastest updates on all of the additions to our lines! We promise big things are coming!

    Do you offer a subscription?

    Yes!! Check it out here:

    *We will deliver your order up to 15 miles from our physical location A Maze In Pottery 76 N State Rd Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510. You can also PICK it UP at our studio. We are not able to deliver your order to location in that we have to park in the parking garage and pay for parking or any location with meter parking. * We will DELIVER your BOX within the time listed on the Subscription page *Make sure that we have easy and safe access to your door (free of dangerous objects or animals on loose). The package will be delivered and left in the front of your door and we will try to contact you about 30 minutes prior on your cell phone or send you a text message notification prompt after delivery. We are not taking responsibility for lost packages.

    Our Amaze-in Pottery & Crafts BOX is a pre-paid 1, 2 or 3 seasonal subscription service that allows you to pre-pay for all kits all at once and save money! You pay in advance and the fun keeps coming.

    These kits have limited quantities available and move quickly. By subscribing, you guarantee that you will get one but also reserve your items, so we can’t sell it to somebody else. Thats, why we limit the cancelation of your subscription till the 15th day of the prior month of the month of the delivery. So if your BOX is Coming between April 1st-7th, you can cancel your box by March 15th.
    Your cancelled part of subscription will be refunded to you within 7 days.

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