Scout Party Booking - A Maze In Pottery
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Scout Party Booking

    Activity includes:

    • 1.5 h of creative fun
    • Preselected by the leader project
    • A dedicated staff member who will lead the troop through the project
    • Kiln room tour with a presentation of glazing, loading or unloading the kiln
    • Session of questions and answers about the pottery paints, glazes, firing process and painting techniques used at the studio.
    • There are a minimum of 5 scouts to book the class
    • We will fire wrapped pottery pieces and they will be ready for pick up one week after the event

      FOOD: Please feel free to bring and serve snacks to your troop which does not require a refrigerator or heating.


      Guest and caregiver guidelines:


      Is it a drop-off? Due to the limited capacity of our studio, we ask the leaders to communicate to all parents who aren’t actively assisting the troop that this is a drop-off event. If such a parent or other family members decide to stay, they are welcome to paint something in our open studio in the front.


      When do we pick up the pottery? Pottery painted will be ready for pick up one week from the date of the event after 3:00 pm. The party host is responsible for telling their guests if the leader is picking up the pottery or each guest should come on their own. We are not responsible for pottery pieces that are left in the studio two months from the date of the party.


      Is this a private event? The front of the store remains open unless you rent out the whole studio for an additional charge.


      Can I add or remove a guest to my event? You can add or remove a guest before an event but please let us know as we schedule the assisting staff and prepare the projects for your event in advance.


      Is there a minimum/maximum number of guests?

      There is a minimum of 5 children in order to book a Scout event. We can host a maximum of 40 guests


      What is the deposit and how is it applied to the event?

      There is a $22.90 deposit (one Scouts ticket) required at the time of booking Scout event to secure the date and time.  This will be deducted fully from the party total on the date of the party


      What if I have to cancel?

      If you cancel with less then 24 hours notice prior to your event, the $22.90 booking fee is non-refundable. If the cancellation is more then 24 hours notice prior to the event, we would be happy to work with you to reschedule the party

      *We reserve the right to cancel an event due to inclement weather conditions that would make it unsafe for our staff/customers to travel to the studio. We will work with you to reschedule the event should be canceled due to severe weather conditions.


      Do we pay Sales Tax?

       Have your troop’s valid Tax Exempt ready and filled out during checkout, in order to not be charged NY Sales Tax

      FOOD: Depends on time of your party you may want to provide a different type of fueling for your painters. During our morning parties, bagels are very popular, but lunchtime party screams for pizza from your favorite pizza joint. We are NOT INCLUDING any food items in the price of the party as we would love to leave the choice to you and wouldn’t like to sell you unwanted item. However all types of food which do not require refrigeration or heating up are welcome, and our assistants do all the set-up and clean up as well as serve food, cake & drinks, which you provide, so you can enjoy the party.

      Fine Print:

      By booking this event, you are agreeing that you understand and agree to our studio policies and to the details provided on this website at the checkout.

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