Scouts and Schools

Throw your child a memorable, creative party where everyone goes home with their own favors that they made themselves!

Choose from from some of our preset options or contact us to customize your party.

YAY Partay

Step -by-Step

Children will paint a step-by-step pottery project based on one of our many themes while learning many interesting pottery painting techniques.

Kids Pottery Party

For ages 5-15.

Ceramic Animal Figurines of Elephant, Dragon, Unicorn and Doggie

Free Choice Party

This party is perfect for children school age, who love to have fun while being creative. There is always lots of fun and laughter when white pieces of pottery are being transformed in unique, colorful pieces of art.

For ages 5-15.


The children will start off painting step-by-step project based on a story, which will be read during a break. They will be using sponges, Q-tips and brushes and decorate them with their fingerprints.

Child painted plates of favorite story characters

For ages 5-15.

Ceramic plate on stand

Coloring Book Party

This party is a hybrid of 2 beloved activities by kids: pottery painting and coloring books. Our great selection of designs (listed below) makes it easy to customize the party to any interest and liking.

For ages 5-15.

Teen Free Choice

Your older child will have lots of fun celebrating their special day with friends, while enjoying a wide selection of not only choices from “party shelves” but also extra selection from our “display shelves” which include pieces up to $25 value!

Festive Party Pottery with Balloonw

For ages 5-15.

Kids Pottery Party

Buy a Party To Go Kit

Bring the world of pottery painting directly to you with a “Party To Go”! You decide when and where you would like to celebrate your occasion and paint pottery, we take care of the rest.


Our kit provides everything you need to create a perfect ceramic piece of art. All supplies are packaged for easy transport to and from the A Maze in Pottery store.

For ages 5-15.