Puppy Adoption Kit (Gift To-Go) +ZOOM PARTY


Didn’t get the puppy you wanted for Christmas? No worries! Get 2 PUPPIES now!



Order your PUPPY ADOPTION KIT now & paint it at home with family or join our ZOOM PAINTING PARTY, where our studio artist will give you tips on painting your pup to look “real” (like his twin sibling)!!!

PARENTS!!! Don’t worry, those pups do not need to be walked!


The PUPPY KIT comes with :

-a ceramic puppy figurine

-stuffy puppy (a twin of your painted puppy!)

-matching colors



all packed in a DOG HOUSE BOX!


Price: $33.90 + tax


The ZOOM LINK will be sent to you after you book the class.

Important: If you choose Glazed Creations for your paint finish for your kit, the pottery projects after being complete will have to be brought back to our studio to be kiln-fired in order to be waterproof and food-safe. 

The puppy type you get is a surprise:)

You will get the ZOOM link emailed to you after you place your order.



Remember to choose your paint finish


You can choose between two paint finishes: “Glazed Creations” or “Make-It & Take-It”


“Glazed Creations” non-toxic underglaze paints after kiln-firing are water-proof and food-safe. They need 3 coats of paint. After painting, you need to return this project to our studio for glazing and kiln firing.



“Make-it & Take-it” colors non-toxic hight quality professional silky paints, which do not require kiln-firing. Best for children’s decorative pottery. Instant gratification guaranteed for the youngest! This type of finish needs just 1 coat of paint. We provide a jar of Mod-Podge for the glossy finish. This kit doesn’t need to be returned to the studio for kiln-firing.



Out of stock



  1. Build your POTTERY-TO-GO KIT by choosing your paint finish. 
  2. Place your order
  3. Enjoy painting pottery at home
  4. If you chose ”Glazed Creations” paints, return the pottery to us to have it kiln-fired so it becomes very shiny and  FOOD-SAFE!

FREE DELIVERY for orders:

$50   up to 10 miles

$75    up to 15 miles

$100   up to 20 miles



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