Green Love Bird (Make-it & Take-It) No firing Required


8 ¼” L x 5″ W x 1″ H


This cute project will make them smile and fill their hearts with joy! Great idea for Valentine’s Day party or a sweet gift!



Watch YOUTUBE TUTORIAL  (under 2 min.)


This POTTERY-TO-GO KIT comes with 1 brush, 3 colors, and a mini container of Mod Podge for a shiny finish.




This kit comes ONLY in a “Make-It & Take-it” paint finish.




“Make-it & Take-it” colors are non-toxic hight quality professional silky paints, which do not require kiln-firing. Best for children’s decorative pottery. Instant gratification is guaranteed for the youngest! This type of finish needs just 1 coat of paint. We provide a jar of Mod-Podge for the glossy finish. This kit doesn’t need to be returned to the studio for kiln-firing.


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